A simple way to explain the main steps of data exploration.

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A while ago I started to study data analysis, and after some learning exercises, I desired to make my own data exploratory project. I thought about the topic and decided that I don’t want to use common and generally available data resources such as Kaggle or other popular platforms with datasets. I wanted to use something personal and interesting to me. And my choice fell on data from the Google Fit Application I installed on my phone several months ago to push myself to do some sports activities.

Explanation and code examples of singly and doubly linked lists.

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Programming concepts are very abstract. So every time when I study something new I try to visualize it, find a visual metaphor for the concept. Now I’ll share with you the metaphor that I’ve found to explain to myself the concept of the linked list.

Ok. Let’s start.

Singly linked list

1. Metaphor

Imagine that you are on a group tour. There are, for example, about twenty people and a guide, of course. And you are in a very crowded square. Your guide doesn’t want to…

A simple explanation of the most common sorting and searching algorithms with one simple example.

Everyone who starts to study programming faces algorithms. I did too. They were the simplest but at the same time most common algorithms of sorting and searching. Every programmer uses them in day-to-day work. And, of course, every programming language provides its implementation. But it may be rather interesting and obviously important to know how they work and how to implement them. At least to pass the technical interview but also to know what stands behind each algorithm and which one fits better for your specific purpose.

Simple statistics on the example of the world population. Using Pandas.

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Starting my adventure in Data Analysis, of course, I’ve found it very necessary to know the main statistical approaches to data description. As I dived into it, I realized that it’s difficult for me to understand which indicator of central tendency to choose for given data. Because, for sure, you know, there are three of them: mean, median, and mode.

Olga Shebeko

I’m a junior software developer. I think programming is a great thing because by doing what I really like I can help other people and make their lives better.

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